LP Results??

can anyone tell me what my LP results mean they came in post today:

"Normal protien,cell count,glucose,urea and electrolytes and serum ACE. There werre positive oligoclonal bands in CSF but not in serum. "

Any thoughts? thanks

Hi, I think about 90% of people with MS tend to have positive oligoional bands in CSF but not in serum. I think this means that your immune system is active in your CSF. If the serum and CSF match then the LP is said to be negative. Although a smaller proportion of people without MS can have a positive LP result too. The test is used as a diagnostic guide along with MRIs, physical exam and evoked potentials to help a neuro make a final dx.


Moyna x

Thank you Monya. I was never given a blood test when i had my LP so does that mean it’s not valid?

A blood test has to be taken at the same time as the CSF sample. That’s the only way they can properly compare CSF and serum.

(I think a small delay is OK. I can’t remember how long, but I think it’s a matter of hours.)

Karen x