FAO those who have had a LP!

I had a LP on thursday and already trying to analise everything (I know I shouldn't)

So my CSF was crystal clear and I am just wondering does that mean it's going to be negative for whatever they are looking for?

What I am wanting to know is. Was your CSF clear and if so what results did you get.

Sorry about this but its wrecking my head not knowing whats going on scared2




Hi, I had an LP about 12 years ago. Results came back normal. It was a very painful test, not one i`d like to repeat.

I got a 95% dx of PPMS in 2003.

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I'm sorry, I'd love to be able to reassure you that "clear" meant there couldn't be anything wrong, but if it was possible to tell just by looking at it, they wouldn't have to send it off to the lab for analysis.

Just the same as with a blood test: most illnesses DON'T make the blood look different to the naked eye (though there are a very few that do).  So what you can tell just by looking is very limited.  Generally speaking, a sick person has the same colour blood as everyone else.

Similarly with cerebro-spinal fluid.  "Clear" is the normal colour, for most people.  But it's not a predictor of what the lab will find.




My CSF was clear but came back as positive for oligoclonal bands. Have a probable dx of MS, likely to be confirmed by MS specialist as MS in near future.

I think cloudy CSF is a sign of meningitis isn’t it?

Teresa xx

Thank you for your replies.

I am actually scared stiff of it NOT showing anything. I just need to know what is wrong with me and don't want to be back to square one x

I had a LP in 1999 and it was as clear as tap water, yet came back with ogli bands (cannot remember the full term).  Dont worry, if there is something to show up it will and besides there are other tests to do to confirm a diagnosis of ms.


Some people wait years and have numerous tests, whereas others have just one or two.  Depends if you are textbook or different.


Good luck, hope you get answers very very soon, its no fun hanging around knowing something is amiss.




This is taken from the MS Trust web site:

“In MS, antibodies cross the blood-brain barrier and attack the myelin surrounding nerves. As a result, the level of antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid of someone with MS is higher than it should be.”

These antibodies are called oligoclonal bands and they show the presence of disease activity. They showed up in my CSF. LP never again! Sciatica ever since - they punctured a nerve. Hope you get a dx soon one way or another to put your mind at rest. Roger