Help please re son

My husband died from primary progressive MS 13 years ago. He was diagnosed quickly due to our gp having a brother with MS. My son has recently shown some similar signs but the locum gp he saw said nothing was wrong. He has episodes where he feels he has no energy and has said that he sometimes feels that low grade electric shocks are going down his legs and arms. His eyesight seems affected too. I know that some people feel MS is not familial but I’m not so sure. My mother and two sisters had MND even though we were told it is not familial. I know it’s not the same disease but I feel my son is being fobbed off. Is there anything he can do?

Hi there, Im so sorry to hear that your son is experiencing weird health symptoms. Im surprised your doctor didnt conduct any routine tests , such as testing for vitamin levels (b12, iron, vit d3 etc), as low numbers of certain vitamins/minerals can cause people to experience neurological symptoms.

If I was in your shoes I would get a second opinion from a different doctor , I would get the doctor to carry out routine blood tests just to see if your son has any vitamin deficiencies , and I would also highlight to the Dr that you strongly feel its necessary to be referred to a neurologist especially as you have a strong family history of neurological conditions , what with your husband having ppms, and your mum and sisters with motor neurone disease.
Failing this, you could also explore the option of going private to see a neuro for an initial appointment/assessment , you could then ask the private dr to refer you back into the nhs system if you did need further appointments (most private drs also work for the nhs as well).

finally , I would advise that your son keeps a health diary with dates where you can document health symptoms , including which symptoms have worsened / improved , along with documenting any new health issues/concerns .

Good luck with it all, it may well be that your son doesnt have any worrying health condition , but its always best to get things checked out.

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Thanks very much for your answer it’s really helpful and makes good points I’m going to discuss this with him and get him to make another appointment. X