My son who is now 25 has over the past 5 years suffered an illness which is now robbing him of his life. He suffers from :

Extreme fatigue - difficulty doing anything

Numbness in his arms and legs

Vision disturbances - stuttering vision

Poor memory - he cant remember things said to him 5 seconds ago

Poor concentration

The feeling of having flu and permanently drunk

Balance and co ordination problems

NO pain except occasional severe headache

His MRi and EEG has all come back clear and CFS/ ME, cushings have been ruled out

There is a family history of auto immune conditions

Grateful for your thoughts / experiences and suggestions …

hi jim

keep the gp updated on all new symptoms, he/she may re-refer your son to neurology or he could request that they do.

other options include LDN (low dose naltrexone) which has a great impact for some people.

it isn’t available on prescription, i had to see a private doctor for the first prescription but then my gp took over the prescribing.

it isn’t too expensive probably £20 a month now.

there is also HBOT (hyper barric oxygen treatment) we breathe pure oxygen through a mask in a compression chamber.

this is available at the ms therapy centre.

people with all sorts of other illnesses use it.

it is devastating to watch your grown up child go through such hell.

i truly wish you both all good things.

carole x