Help naming a symptom

I wasn’t sure whether to start a new thread for this.

I am struggling to name a symptom - wondering if this is ‘weakness’ or something else. I don’t seem to lose strength in my hands / feet, but I experience a feeling of tickly-ness/ tingling/ ‘weakness’ but the sort of weakness you might feel when getting a rush of endorphins etc post orgasm, or when feeling ‘squeamish’ on seeing blood.

Anyone relate or have any name for it?

Presume you’ve been diagnosed, but nor sure in this section.

Haven’t heard of that sort of description before but I’m sure someone else has.

Where do you feel this symptom on your body? Is it constant or comes and goes? How long have you had it? How painful is it?

Write it down in a symptom diary, write all your symptoms down as they’re easy to forget. Especially ones that you only get once.
Then when you speak to neurologist or MS nurse it’s easier to explain.

We all get strange symptoms and people give them different names.
Be creative.
Take care


I get that at times and just chalk it up to general weakness. I think you should call it “Mabel” and just tell her to go away when she puts in an appearance. Maybe one of these days she’ll listen. And definitely document when she’s around. If nothing else, it might help you figure out when she’s most likely to show up.


Thanks, it seems to come on and last for days, going away gradually. I suppose I would like an official term for it for when I visit the neurologist next or GP, as when I mentioned it before they just sort of went “ok…”, it would be nice to be able to search for more information on it. Mabe I will try searching for Mabel symptom :slight_smile:
Goldrat it comes on from my mid-calves to the tips of all toes, and mid forearm to tips of fingers, both sides. I think it might be ‘peripheral neuropathy’. It wasn’t painful until recently, it now is very intense and a bit like tickly numbness with slight burning. Uncomfortable saying this, but with orgasm, I notice an intensity in the nerves over my pubic bone which would usually feel very pleasant but now border on painful, a bit embarrassed.