Help I think I have the Hug

Hi all, this is my first time on here, I have had RRMS since 2010 and think i have experienced the dreaded hug, but i am concerned as my ribs are now really painful to touch 24 hours afterwards, and I am not sure if this is usual. I would appreciate it if anyone can reassure me that this is normal…if there is normal with MS !!

Hello Geordijude

It certainly could be ‘the hug’, I experience this a lot and it comes in several different packages. I have it at the moment, it’s there hanging about giving me a squeeze every now and then. I can’t say definitively that you do have the hug, I would always get it checked out with the doctor, or preferably you MS nurse (If they are experienced with ms) but it does come in different forms, some extreme and some milder, all horrible and difficult to live with, I have been told that Diazepam can be used as and when required, that’s if you and your doctor are agreed that you should take it.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

Thanks for getting back to me, I have read up on the hugs a lot today and it does sound as if this is what I have got, which is a bummer :frowning: I am going to phone the ms nurse tomorrow if it is no better and will mention the diazepam, really do feel like i have been kicked by a horse. I hope your’s doesn’t last too long

Jude x