help and advise needed please

Hi there,new here but i wanted some advise,suffer with fybromyalgia,and was refrred to physio,as had a few falls and left leg gives way balance poor,physio wanted me checked for ms so went and saw neuroogist no history taken,even though i have a long list of symptoms,she done some test,but wasnt listening to me,anyway cut a long story short sending me for Mri scan of brain as ct 2yrs ago showed abnorman cfs spaces,the only reason she is doing this is because of my memory she wrote.not happy with assessment or with letter she wrote is there anything i need to do? Thankyou

Hi Michelle,

I’m afraid not all neuro’s have good people skills. :slight_smile: Nevertheless, she obviously feels that an MRI is warranted, either from the tests she did, or maybe what was written in your referral letter (?). Some neuro’s will not even allude to the possibility of MS, or other possible causes for symptoms, until they have enough evidence to make an informed judgement, so I think all you can do now is wait for your MRI date to come through. If you’re still not happy after your follow up appointment (for MRI results), then you can ask for a second opinion.

Mags :slight_smile: xx