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Hi everyone i’m new to this so sorry in advance if i go on too much

I was diagnosed with MS about 15 years ago and apart from small things have managed to stay fairly well untill earlier this year when i started having trouble with my neck and shoulder which my GP said was nothing to do with my MS although i kept getting a funny feeling in my arms and across my chest

i managed to get it to calm down until about 8 weeks ago when my Mum died really suddenly all the tension came back into my neck and in the last week i have felt so low and poorly I have seen the GP and an Osteopath but i keep getting these raelly bad pains in my hands,legs,arms and across my chest when i lay down mostly having read some of the posts i think it might be MS hug how do i explain this to my doctor who dosen’t seem to think any of this is my MS.

Any advice would be great including any to lift my mood i’m waiting for counselling but its taking a long while.

Sorry again if i’ve gone on too much

Unfortunately the society does not offer much information about this common symptom.

Here are a couple of docs on it

The only thing I can suggest is show your GP. They only deal with perhaps 4 patients with MS in their entire career so PWMS tend to know more and if they are receptive will accept the information.


Really sorry about your mum :frowning: Stress can bring on all sorts of MS symptoms, so it’s no wonder you’re struggling at the moment :frowning:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dealing with MS, it’s that GPs are generally useless!

Do you have an MS nurse? If you do, give her/him a call and then tell your GP what was said. Normally GPs will happily act on whatever they’re told.

If you don’t have an MS nurse, then that’s what you can be asking the GP about - they should be able to find out who the nurse(s) is for your area and refer you. If you’d rather bypass the GP, then give your neuro’s secretary a call and ask for the nurse’s name and contact details. Then just call them. That would probably be quicker too.

Also, do you have an MS Therapy Centre near you? (Google to find out if you don’t know.) Some of these have a counsellor attached to them and it might be very much quicker than going through the NHS. They’re also a great source of support generally so worth going to even if they don’t have a counsellor.


Karen x

Hello love. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your dear mum. I lost my mum and dad 11 years ago. It still hurts like hell. It always will, but somehow we learn to control those feelings as time goes on.

Now about your chest pains. I think your GP should be referring you to a cardiologist…it may be nothing in his field, but at least youll be checked out. If your GP wont refer you, then go to A&E next time it happens. It may not be too serious, but at least you`ll get an ECG and then perhaps a referral that way.

I was having angina like pains and my GP sent me to the hospital. I was thoroughly checked out and ended up with a dx of gastric refulx! I take meds for it and have onely had the pain about twice since (2 yrs).

luv Pollx

Thanks for all your advice i’m going to a cardiologist on tuesday so hopefully once thats ruled out maybe my GP will be more willing to help I will also get in touch with the nurse have never been given one so will have to ask

Thanks again