Helloo all, its been a while

Firstly I must appolagise for not being on sooner, so much as happened it feels like a week not several months. I want to thank everyone who sent me a mail to see where I had gone and if I was ok, thats a wonderful thing and I am greatful. So as it stands they diagnosed me with inflamtion of the brain. This will go away on its on, hmmm It hasnt, its been well over a year of this and the reasons for my absence here are many. Being self employed not working means not earning and as the wonderful government refuse to give me the tiniest ammount of DLA it means I have to work harder. I still require a walking sitck, Mine has flames, yes thats right flames for all your House fans yes its like Huges. The irony of go faster stripes when in reality im on the go slow. I still have memory problems, I still stumble arround, my falling over has reduced but then i use my walking stick so that would explain that. It takes me 15-20 mins to walk to the local pub instead of 5mins but when beer is on offer, I’d probably crawl an hour . I feel my experience could still help a lot, being 26 at the time in a stoke unit for 2 weeks then 3 weeks and I fogot to mention another 1 week. Mentally it destroys a young mind but as ive always been mentally and old fart maybe I could handle it better. At one point on my second stint I went missing, it broke me, I lost the plot and was found sitting outside on a bench somewhere on the grounds. I can help with the LP, patients, and mental/moral support, until something else happens its unlikely they will change their mind. I hope that everyone is well or at least doing well. I think if anything I have learnt is that regardless of your age or your condition or how hard it can be at times, life stops for no man (or woman) (I laugh thinking of life of brian as I say that) People say life is what you make it, I say nothing can or will stop me from doing what I want to do, ok Marathons are out but I can still scuba dive, just not to a deph that can cause decompression, all dephs cause decompression if you are not sensible and follow the basics so that makes me golden. I will try and post or update on peoples questions as much as I can and I would appolagise for this long msg but in reality I know you love reading it as I do all of yours. Be happy, peace be with you and much love. and pleaseeeee remember. Its not what you do that makes you who you are, its how you do it. I am still in pain everyday and I smile because I am greatful, greatful for so much. Life has its ups and downs but then it always will.

Hi Tom, good to see you back. Sorry that there haven’t been any dramatic improvements, but really nice to hear you sounding so positive. We need all the positivity we can get! Take care, Laura :slight_smile:

good to see you back


Great to see you back. I was wondering where all the golden oldies had gone :wink:



Welcome back Tom and glad you’re being so positive about things! Hope to see you around more x PS I changed my user name and used to be Emma-C

I Quite like the new name and thanks guys and girls. Possitivity is ket to anything in life but I am not one to preech. find your one piece of relaxation. for me music or playing the guitar. Just puts things into persepctive. Life is too short to waste on worry, hate, BS and washing up… ok I added that last one in there as its on the list of jobs to do but you get my point. Good to see you are all around and thanks again. I think I may take the Mr motivator role however I hate those people always so blooy happy!. My down days (mentally) have gone to down moments followed by a burst of, yeah whatever I can do this and if I cant ill find a new way to do it. I like being happy and know what is likes to feel the unknown and sadness e.t.c but at the end of the day (is night,sorry) We all have a purpose, I think mine is to make people smile. so everyone have a wonderful weekend. Live love and do and what we cant do google search how other people do and make your own way. Love and peace