Nice to joined this community.I hope all forums members will help me.

Hi Michael Welcome to the board. You will get lots of help on here, we are all in it together!!! Linda x

hiya michael

welcome mate!

carole x

Hi Michael and welcome



The best thing i have done since getting ms was joining this forum, you will find plenty of help and advice.


Welcome to our lifeboat,and if you fancy paddling for a while put your name on the list,


Welcome… you are amongst friends here.

PatB x

welcome to the forum.

jaki xx

We will try our best.

Hi Michael I’m newish too, and had plenty of good advice and support here. We are all in it together Hope

Hiya Michael or is Mike ok?

Hop on board the MS bus! The journey is a bit bumpy now and again but hey! It certainly isn’t boring!


Hello Michael,

Welcome to the forum. You might feel like a ‘newie’ just now but this is a great place to meet people.


Hi from me too.

hi n welcome, i hope you get all the help you need here.