Hello to everyone 👍

I’m new here and wanted to say hello. I have RRMS, diagnosed 6 years ago and probably had it 5 years before that, and I have hEDS, and they’re looking into a couple of other conditions too. Does anyone else have multiple long-term conditions?

I just had a relapse so they want to see how bad it was and maybe change my DMT. I am not looking forward to new side effects, or learning how to cope with my new symptoms (tremor when I try to do something and myoclonus jerks, of course, on top of all the existing symptoms).

We don’t have many options other than to keep going, do we?

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Hi NiceCupOfTea,
Welcome to this forum, I’m sure any questions you may have will be answered by someone on here and even if theres no answer I’m sure you will get the support?
I was diagnosed very recently with SPMS, the specialist said I’ve probably, unknowingly, lived with RRMS for some time though. I also have Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) and although I suffered bad side affects originally I changed my treatment meds for this and this has helped greatly. I feel that any potential symptoms I may have had with RRMS were just put down to my CML and the side affects I was having so RRMS had just gone unnoticed at the time?
I had to look up (Heds) as I had never heard of it. It’s always going to be difficult with multiple conditions as there will always be symptoms that cross over making treatment hard to pinpoint.
“We don’t have many options other than to keep going, do we?”
I like your attitude, your’e right, just keep going.
You can’t control the waves but you can learn to surf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, thanks for your reply! It is so hard to differentiate symptoms sometimes, sorry you had such a delayed diagnosis.

We all just try to keep going! I have found it’s been a steep learning curve in asking for help, still not great at it!