Hello 👋 I'm Lisa

Hello to you all.
I’m Lisa I’m 43 & was diagnosed in 2015. I thought it was about time I joined a forum.
Looking forward to chatting to you and hopefully supporting each other through let’s be honest some pretty awful time’s.
Lisa x

Hello Lisa, welcome to the forum, I’m pleased to hear you have decided to post and become involved. As you say it helps through the awful times, but it’s also good when things are going well as there’s some funny things posted to lighten life. :kissing_heart: M

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Hello Lisa, welcome to the forum

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Hi Lisa


Pam x

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Hi Lisa,
Sorry about diagnosis but glad you found us and took the plunge and posted.
Posting is a lot easier than walking into a room of strangers. :rofl:
Take care,

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Thank you for the welcome , definitely looking forward to sharing the good times too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and some pretty good times too… MS works both ways hun. I am loving my life right now i have progressive MS.

Life is all good. My last dreaded mammogram came back negative woo hoo, (breast cancer in family), my new fancy settee with double recline turned up yesterday lol, I saved 50.00 on my shopping by being able to shop on line, my BP is finally stabilised (when I worked it was like 220/125 lol…

Got new hedgehogs in the garden and a family of starlings, and the lassie dog my daughter rescued is finally on the road to recovery.

ah so many good things to chat about too. Oh and its my 70 birthday in august. thinking about having a small party lol.

Yes lets just support each other without conditions or judgements we the oldies have been here a long time, and seen a lot of newbies come and go to lead great lives, and some sadly not so great. But its lovely to meet you even in these circumstances.

So this is my story maybe you can share a little about Lisa?

Dont ever forget who you were before you got MS ok. that person is still there.

lovely to hear a bit about you and great news on the mammogram results always a worry when breast cancer runs in the family I lost my mum 11 years ago to it so know how much of a worry it can be.
A bit about me, I’m 43 married with 3 teenage children, and a dog. 15year boy and 13 year old boy/girl twins. They are wonderful kids and mean the world to me :heart: I don’t work and haven’t since having children. I’m full time carer to my eldest who has autism. Well all 3 have autism actually but Jack is registered disabled and requires a lot of time and care.
I was diagnosed with CIS in April 2015 followed by a diagnosis of RRMS shortly after. Although even my neuro has admitted my MS doesn’t appear to follow the pattern of that diagnosis as I never get remission. I’m currently doing ok no feeling in left hand or half of my left leg, balance issues and problems with walking (I use a stick) which just seems to be getting worse over time. Bladder issues but Botox and self catheterization helps with that.
More lesions in the cervical spine than the brain. As my neuro tells me nothing much happening in the brain :joy:
I enjoy reading, looking after all my plants, feeding the birds in the garden and baking cakes.
Lovely to chat to you, I think you should very much have a party for your 70th!!
Enjoy your weekend

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Hi lisa welcome to my world, this is what stumped my neuro. you see PPMS is actually quite rare really and they dont meet it often. It stumped him but i think to be honest he did some research and after my second vep he realised what it was all about lol. your symptoms sound the same as me.

you sound like you have a lovely family. i have 2 daughters grown now but to be honest they are more trouble now then when they were children lol. Always a drama lol.

i have a dog too my lucy, she came as pup been with me 14 years come january 2022. she is so loving and caring and respectful of me. My youngest grandson has ADHD but after more tests they think he is also on the autistic spectrum but not diagnosed with that. He is 17 now and doing so well. the social services got him a mentor and he is now in half way house with other boys with similar issues, and been learning how to live and budget, and cook and care for himself. He is becoming quite the chef lol. He has jut completed NINE DRIVING lessons, he is well proud of himself.

My eldest has ADHD he is 22 but always a lot of emotional issues some of it down to his father leaving them when they were young. my daughter gets or got no help from him. then my grandson really got attached to my husband and my mike took him under his wing and was doing a lot of things with him, even they would go car trailing he was mikes passenger he loved it. sadly we lost my husband 2017 and it hit him hard.

but you have to keep moving forward.

its lovely to meet you wow 43 YOUNGER then my YOUNGEST DAUGHTER LOL.


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Yes I think it’s probably PPMS but it doesn’t really matter does it, you just take it day by day and carry on. To be honest my children keep me busy I don’t have much time to dwell on it.
I’m sorry to hear about your husband but it sounds like you have a loving supportive family around you.
Take care x