Hello, I’m new here

Hello all, I’m new here. My name is Lauren and I’m 24, on the road to being diagnosed. I just thought I would introduce myself!

Maternal grandfather had MS, so this is something my family are familiar with, but it’s something I never imagined having myself. I’ve suffered with health related anxiety for a while, but since going to A&E in January with vision problems and eye pain and starting down this road, I have actually felt surprisingly calm.

Having looked through some posts, I have no doubt of how lovely & supportive this community are. Was sent a link by a relative and opted to join.

Long story short, hi! :wave:

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Hi Lauren
Gosh you’re young to be starting on this road, I’m sending you all the best and hoping that everything works out really well, please reach out to the amazing community on here whenever you need to. They are a great source of comfort, information and guidance!!

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Hi @lauren
Welcome. That’s close to how MS symptoms started for me too: feet pins and needles in primary school, then optic neuritis eye pain and floaters in secondary school; I thought I’d just grow out of it by adulthood.
Hope you get your multiple sclerosis treatment soon.
Best regards,

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Another site that might be worth a look is Shift.ms | Forum, Community & Support For Those With MS, as it tends to have a younger membership.