Hello, Good Evening, Welcome

Hi All,

I’ve just joined the forum and thought that I should really do a bit of an introduction post.

My name is Nick and I was diagnosed with RRMS around 6 years ago. I’ve had my ups and downs with it all and I’m currently dragging myself out of a relapse. But according to my neuro I haven’t had a relapse as my last MRI was stable. I guess they are the experts…

I have a young family who keep me on my toes or just sit on me if I fall over. I’m trying to be a positive person despite this MonSter. I like to help people. It lifts me up when I lift up others.

I’m really happy to chat to anybody about everything and I think the most important thing is that I believe in all of you. I know that the struggle is hard but you are all fantastic and you’ve got this.

Hello Nick
Wise words mate

Hi @thingy003 … welcome :blush: If you are thingy3, I must be thingy1 and 2. You made me smile I was always called thingy by friends and family. I never knew why :thinking:.