I'm new to the forum

Hello everybody, just a quick post, I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2012 and after a lovely long conversation with my first genuinely helpful medical professional this morning, I decided I ought to be a little more pro-active and join the forum.

Hi Netgeezer!

Welcome to the madhouse :wink:

Hiya Netgeezer,

Welcome to the family. If you ever need a rant or have a problem and you need support thats what we are here for.

Take care


Hi, welcome from me too.

This good ship ms and other neuro problems is a great place for support, advice, friendship and a good laff or two as well.


and welcome

You don’t have to be crazy to join but it helps! I look forward to seeing you on here again soon

Tracey x

Hi netgeezer welcome to the forum


Just wanted to say welcome. We are a lovely lot, spme of us are a bid mad, but hey ho, gets us through the day.

Look forward to chatting with you lots.

Shazzie xx

Hi netgeezer Welcome to the club, from me too. Catherine Xx

Thanks guys, appreciate the welcome.

Thank you everybody.

Thank you everybody.

Welcome aboard the good ship Gray


Hi and welcome from me too :slight_smile:


You are very welcome XX

You are very welcome XX

welcome netgeezer

its a very exclusive club y’know

carole x