Hello everyone!

Hi there

My name is Lorraine and I have relapse remitting MS

I was diagnosed in 2015 and to this day, I’m still not too sure what that means! I have read up on it, but it’s such a complicated and diverse illness that sometimes it’s hard to explain!

I joined the Society because I want to meet more people and just to chat and socialise.

I try to not let the MS bother me, but sometimes, it likes to show off and bothers me.

I hope to get to speak and maybe meet some of you lovely and amazing people!


hi lorraine

i was diagnosed with rrms in 2008.

i have met some fab people with ms in real life who i met through my local branch of the ms society.

one lady takes me to a pilates class (as i no longer drive).

i also go to a local group for physio.

once a week i go to the ms therapy for High Dose Oxygen Therapy, 6 of us sit in a decompression tank and breathe pure oxygen through a mask for 60 minutes.

i look forward to these days with my tribe!

so much so that i organise a monthly meet up at the local harvester.

so look into any local groups where you can meet others with ms.

it’s bloody big rain cloud hanging over us but you can look for the silver lining.

carole x

Hi Lorraine,

Welcome to the club.

You can find your local group by clicking on the Care and Support tab at the top of this page.

In the meantime you can join in the conversations on the Forum. Everyone is welcome.

Best wishes,


Hello Lorraine,

Welcome to the forum.

MS is a funny blighter alright. And it does take a long time to feel like you understand it. And then it goes and throws up a new symptom or problem that confuses the hell out of you again.

That is one of the reasons this forum is so great, anything you don’t know, or understand, someone else is bound to have experienced it.