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After many years of symptoms I have just been diagnosed with progressive MS and every search I carryout on available treatment options the Hekma Centre appears. I can see its a costly option but, has anyone tried this and if so with what results ?

Thanks, Jim

This sounds like the biggest con out there! If it was so easy to ‘cure’ ms why isn’t that being done by every neurologist in the country? I know it looks expensive but then so are the various DMDs that people are given.
Don’t waste your money.

Hi Jim

The herbs and minerals that they use are actually very useful ones. Take a look at each herb / mineral in turn and do a little bit of research on them. I actually use a number of them myself. The price they are asking for 1 month’s supply is outrageous! If you decide to go down the herbal route then source them from elsewhere, or use a proper herbalist if you are nervous to try them yourself without support. That would work out way cheaper.

As most chronic illnesses, including MS and other degenerative neurological conditions seem to be driven by inflammation / oxidative stress and the body’s failing to properly repair itself when damaged, then herbs and supplements that help support repair make sense. Not a cure, but maybe slow down progression.

As medical scientists are now slowly discovering, diet and the gut biome looks to be strongly connected to health / illness. And each individual is different - even identical twins can have very different responses to the same diet. For one it may be good, for the other very inflammatory. Worth checking out Tim Spector’s work on that.

Also Dr Sten Ekbert has some very good info on foods that are inflammatory. He’s heavily into keto diets, but his info generally on foods, particularly processed food is quite an eye opener. Very thoroughly researched, and he is a very clear speaker - no waffle, just to the point, carefully explained.

Take a look also at Dr Terry Wahl’s diet, and also MS Hope diet. You’ll find quite an overlap between all of these, and it might help you find a more holistic route that feels right to you to try out, and not cost you the earth!

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Hi Moirah

Thanks for the advice


Hi Ziola

Thank you for such a detailed reply, I will certainly read up on the reports you mention. And yes I totally agree, the cost of this herbal treatment seems ridiculously expensive and after reading your reply I will certainly carry out more research to help make a conscious decision on the way forward for myself

Thanks again, Jim

Very interesting. Wish it was easier to get recommended info about diet. Planning to be more pro active about diet and supplements.