An almost answer, finally!

Hi, hope everyone is well.

After a 9 week wait for a neuro appt I finally got to see her today. She is pretty certain it is MS, sending me for an MRI and i’ve had bloods done. Jusr to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.

After the MRI she says she will put me in touch with the MS nurse but at this stage as symptoms are quite mild (numbess and optic neuritis) she doesn’t want to consider drugs just yet.

So i’ve been researching alternatives to drugs. I already take cod liver oil, B complex vits, multi vit and 1000iu of vit d. Does anyone know of anything else that could be beneficial? I’ve been looking the SWANK diet and it seems pretty senisble even if it doesn’t help MS.

Liza x

There is no evidence of alternatives to drugs. Supplements might help and a healthy, balanced diet is common sense really. I had a brief look at the SWANK diet and thought it seemed pretty senisble too, though I was put off by some cult following - but really it’s whether it is sensible or not that matters - or just stick to a sensible balanced diet…

I take Ginseng and Kelp supplements to alleviate brain fog. There have been studies on the former, I haven’t found one for the latter but it is linked to hypothyroidism. Both are linked to the thalmus area of the brain. That part is often affected by MS (lesions appearing there) and it controls hormones affecting fatigue. I don’t know if it really helps but it seems to and if kept within the suggested range should cause no harm. I take B complex too.

hi liza

i was quite poorly for the year before my diagnosis, on the sick the whole year!

however it gave me time to research what i could use if i didnt get a dx

LDN - seemed safe to take without dx, so i did!!

HBOT - it took me ages to find a place near me.

i started going to trafford ms therapy centre the following year for HBOT.

i dallied with the best bet diet but i was losing too much weight, mainly because i couldnt stand the dairy alternatives and i absolutely detest gluten free bread.

omega 3 fish oils are very good

carole x