I have had strange symtoms for a long time now, back and forth to GP, but never a concrete answer. Started with pins and needles in lower legs during my late 20’s and which has continued off and on until present day (these days reaches tigh are too) .I have also had numb areas on feet, which have gradually improved, pain and tightness in feet when kneeling which i could only endure for a few seconds before having to change position. Two distinct episodes of dizziness and balance problems lasting weeks, crawling and pricking sensations under skin. Blackouts in one eye, but only lasting minutes. Lots of cramps, legs mostly, but also hands, mostly at night. Chronic deep pain in buttocks and pain in base of spine. Not sure if any of this is related…Plus congnitive problems, especially short term memory, concentration, and learning new things.

Have seen one consultant who made me feel like I was wasting his time, I almost feel silly asking for second opinion but also feel like I know something is not right!!

I am 53 yrs old and have swept so much under the carpet for so long thinking ‘oh well, its just the way I am’, and I honestly think thats a big part of why I’m not being taken seriously…

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Hi Hedda, I went to my GP last year and she suggested keeping a symptom diary. She checked my balance and reflexes at the time and said that she wasn’t concerned but that she wasn’t dismissing anything either. So, one year on after a worse dizzy spell (that is lasting weeks but fluctuates in intensity), I saw another GP. This time, I was armed with a reduced version of my symptom diary, which he’s added to my notes. He did extensive blood tests which all came back clear, so on my most recent visit I was prescribed medication to alleviate the dizziness, booked in for a hearing test (I also have tinnitus and hubby keeps asking me if I’m deaf!!) and I’ve been put on to the neurologist’s waiting list. The best tip I’ve learned from the lovely folk on here is to write a brief list of your top five symptoms, when they started and how long they carried on for. Excuse me if I slip into my holistic therapist mode, but you seem ready to face this now. Wishing you courage and clarity x

Hi hedda Like you I have been having all sorts of symptoms for about 2 years that I put down to menopause, getting older etc but then they all ganged up on me at once 3 months ago and I can’t even work at the moment. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet. Still going through the process. I’m actually amazed and saddened that reading through the various posts so many people seem to be brushed aside and not be taken seriously by their GPs and neurologist when they get to see them. I’d say go with your gut reaction if you know something isn’t right. Go back to your GP and tell him it’s affecting your day to day life. Don’t play things down and think its just you. He should at least get some blood tests done as a starting point. Even if you had them last time. It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. So many illnesses have all the symptoms! I initially thought I had diabetes my symptoms were spot on for it. So be positive you know your own body and its trying to tell you something. Good luck!

Thank you for your comments - i will definatly go back for a second opinion, and start a symtom diary!

Its hard to persist when it seems like one almost has to be falling through the door to be taken seriously, it appears I am not alone with this experience so I will keep trying!!

Thanks again.