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Gp has suspicions

Hi all
As like many others here I am starting the process. I herniated my L5 disc in December and experienced issues with my left leg, all put down to the disc issue. About 5 weeks later I ended up with tingling in both arms/ hands, pain in my right shoulder, stiff neck and now I’ve had facial tingling on the right side of my face for nearly a month. My left arm has settled but my right feels weak and tired very quickly. My Gp couldn’t be certain I hadn’t just been unlucky with three separate issues at once, but as I also have a ‘tightness’ around my left lower ribs for 2 months if I move too quickly, not pain but uncomfortable. I passed the balance, touch my nose, your nose things but he is concerned that in theory my lower back wouldn’t cause the issues with my upper back/ neck/ right arm & my upper back/ neck issues wouldn’t cause my facial nerve tingling. Now I think about I’ve had off and off hip pain for years, sometimes for weeks, but thought I was just getting old (I’m 38 and had hip dysplasia as a child),my legs fall asleep very easily and frequently, but I’m not sure if that was a symptom and they twitch a lot when I’m resting. I’m not really sure what I am asking for, I’m just rambling but I haven’t yet told anyone about my GP suspicions, including my husband. I guess I don’t want worry him, or anyone in case it’s not?

When I first started showing symptoms, the first GP I saw was adamant that I had a trapped nerve.
It wasn’t until things got worse and I went back a few days later and saw another GP that I was taken more serious.
I wasn’t getting any pain, just a sudden weakness in my left leg and odd sensations in my hands.
Push to see someone for a 2nd opinion.

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Hey I know this post of very old just wondered if you’d had any answers? I’m undiagnosed but lots of strange neuro symptoms and waiting an appointment with neurologist.
Thanks Lucy

Hi! No sadly not! I did pay for an MRI of my head, which revealed I did actually have a brain AND there were no concerns with regards to MS. I am now in limbo with all sorts of nerve issues, particularly in right arm/hand, muscle twitches etc. GP has referred to neurologist but first app isn’t until June 2022 so I am just hanging around. I asked Gp if clear MRI definitively ruled out MS. And he said ‘probably’ but wouldn’t commit. So just waiting…… I am going to pay to a see physio this month to see if they think it could be a trapped nerve issue from damaging my lower back and knocking my posture off completely as I get a lot of pain/ burning in my right shoulder.

Thank you for your reply! Hope the physio helps :slight_smile: