heat intolerance?


today I experienced a really awful thing.

Basically, it’s about 30 degrees outside and I was at my Spanish classes. During a break I went to loo and while walking I felt that my left leg was extremely stiff. A few minutes later I noticed that my left calf is almost twice as big as the right one.

A moment later I felt so dizzy I had to sit and then lay, I started sweating. It all subsided after 15 minutes or so, but I still have this weird feeling in my calf (the size is almost normal now).

Have any of you experienced something like this? Is it heat intolerance or something else? I may add I experienced a similar thing last year (but without swelling), before I was dx, when I was on holiday in Turkey and it was an extremely hot day too.

Any advice appreciated.

Alex xx

I’m sorry to be so trivial but where are you to be experiencing 30 degrees. It doesn’t say in your profile. I’m in Yorkshire and I’ve just put an extra cardigan on I’m so chilly.

I have experienced weird dizzy fits in the heat but no swelling.


I live in Warsaw, Poland (still 2 months left before I’m moving) :slight_smile:

I had experienced headaches etc. before but today it was much worse.


I’ve not known MS to cause visible swelling, either! I sometimes get very bad cramps, where the muscle goes rock solid, and stands out very prominently, but although it’s visible, I still wouldn’t refer to it as swelling - besides, it’s extremely painful, and very, very obvious it’s cramp - I think you would know straight away if it was that, as everyone knows what cramp feels like.

It’s often said here, but probably worth saying once again - please don’t assume everything is always MS. Heat intolerance is a common symptom, but visible swelling is not. Ths could be something completely different, and needs checking out.


thank you for your answer Tina.

I’m currently undergoing some tests (bacteria) and I’ve already got informed some results were positive, next week I’m visiting a doctor who is making these test so definitelly will tell him about the swelling.

btw I always have quite low blood pressure (about 85/60) and pulse (~55). I visited a cardiologist last year, had echocardiography and everything was fine, but do you think it may have something to do with blood circulation?

i can’t cope with the heat good thing i live in scotland, a few years back my righ foot became red and swollen as there is varicus veins in my family thought it was this, however the consultant said no and was due to my MS and that the signals where not being tranmitted properly, it still happens some times


Haha, I’m no doctor, but if I had to choose, I’d definitely think a circulatory problem was a more likely explanation than neurology, for a swollen leg.

It’s interesting that you say you’ve recently had some abnormal tests that seemingly could indicate some kind of infection. I’ve no idea whether that could be related.

I’m even wondering if it’s possible you had an extreme reaction to something like an insect bite or sting, but normally you can see the little puncture.


I don’t think it’s an insect bite, because I saw no puncture etc.

These tests are for Lyme and co-infections (such a chlamydia,bartonella etc.). apparently they are very accurate and reliable. we’ll see.

but, as Trish says, it may be somehow MS related as well.

oh God I hate it when I have no idea what’s going on with me :frowning:

anyway, thank you for your help.

Alex xx

Yes heat floors me too, Was advised when diagnosed to avoid hot bashs & showers, it hits 40 degrees here and that is a killer best to stay indoors or sit an open window. Would imagine that Poland is like eastern Austria and is just building up to summer. Still I am not sorry I moved here as the summers are warm unlike Scotland where it tends to be wet and damp.


yeah, exactly. A few years ago I was in Austria on holidays and was afraid the weather would be bad, but it was as hot as in Poland in the summer or even hotter.

on the contrary, I can’t wait to move to England, partly because of the weather. Suppose (and hope) north-west isn’t as wet as Scotland.


I am really, really struggling in NE England today…sat in front of air con unit. All my symptoms are worse and feel rubbish. Xx

I’ve spent most of today laying on the bed with the fan pointing at me. My dizziness has increased and it feels like my body has a swarm of bees going through it. Oh well, must look on the bright side 'cos it’ll be raining soon enough!