Hearing problem help please ???????

Hi, I am going through a relapse. I am having terrible trouble hearing, I have had my ears tested but no infection. I feel so blocked up and can’t here, and I feel dizzy, has anybody had this problem ? Thanks.

see your GP and tell him or her what you have told us.

maybe you could be referred to an ENT specialist.

meanwhile for safety’s sake consider getting a walking aid (stick, crutch or walker).

it beats planting your face on the pavement, i’m still carrying the scars of my spectacular fall on st patrick’s day when i over celebrated by drinking too much guinness and jamesons!

carole x

I’ve been getting Tinnitus a lot lately, had my ears syringed and checked out by GP who said it could well be the MS playing up.

I’ve also had a bit of vertigo, dizzy, nausea horrible feeling, and again the GP put it down to the MS.