So my journey started when I was pregnant two years ago with my daughter… I started getting vision issues (optic nerve swelling)
And felt unwell, I had an mri scan (small spots were found on my scan) and a lumbar puncture… the pressure on my lumbar puncture was normal and the scan apparently wasn’t anything to worry about.
They put it down to me having pre eclampsia. Then it settled down after I had my little girl for a while but then it all returned last year with the vision issues as well as extreme fatigue, headaches, I’ve now developed burning pain in my ankles/legs and get numb toes/feet and numb fingertips also. I’m waiting for another mri scan and lumbar puncture to test for MS. I had another scan last year which showed about 6 or 7 “non specific white matter intensities” but my neurologist says there not in the usual place for MS although he can’t rule it out. I’m so frustrated and feel like my quality of life is slowly going down as I seem to be developing more symptoms and my mobility isn’t good at the moment. Does anyone have any advice? Does this sound like it could be MS? I am so anxious about my next mri scan which is next week, I get claustrophobic.

Hang on in there for the next MRI and the results. It can take some time to get a diagnosis of MS for some people. Those non-white matter hyperintensities can be caused by many things, from migraines to coeliacs, MS, smoking and high blood-pressure for starters - why they are called non-specific. But they are signs of small areas of damage to the brain. At least you are still in the system and they are monitoring you over time.

Feeling your body is slowly deteriorating, and not having any answers yet for it is an uncomfortable and worrying place to be. Plenty of us on here are in that position. My advice - try to live your life as healthily as you can, and give yourself some ‘me’ time, allowing yourself to relax and do some enjoyable things, whilst you wait for answers. Don’t put your life on hold.