Headspace meditation - anyone paid for the year?

I am considering paying for a year of Headspace mindfulness meditation. I wondered if anyone had done this and what they thought? I am on day 8 of the free meditations and I am enjoying them so far, although they are all very similar. My other venture into mindfulness had lots of different meditations. Thanks

Hi Puddinglover

do you have to pay for the year straight off? Have you got a kindle or ipad, and are you familiar with Jon Kabat Zinn, Full catastrophe living, how to cope with stres pain and illness using mindfullness. You could download this first. I am a professional counsellor, and a great fan of teaching mindfullness, also, I’m not suggesting anything negative with the above, just sometimes it’s worth doing some reading from a founder of certain practices before committing to a financial out put.

What ever you decide to do, mindfullness is certainly empowering, and a stress reducer. Mindfullness in CBT is a popular therapy nowadays, and evidenced to be helpful.