Hi Does any one suffer from awful headaches, I get them daily. So fed up, I am not sure if I have MS. Had tests for Vertigo, and Balance problems…My life in the last 9mths has changed so much.

Since Nov 11 I have suffered from sickness, dizzyness, fatigue and total lack of energy, and not wanting to do anything. I find tasks now very hard to do, and its causing me to live a worthless life.


Hello Janet, forgive me asking, but are you a carer?

If so, then I think you could ask for a carer`s assessment.

I am the cared for person in our gaff and I recently began using Direct Payments. It takes a bit of pressure of my hubby.

Headaches? Not often, 2 paracets help. Think you need to see GP, as.summat`s not right, eh?

Just re-read your post. Are you a limbo lander like me?

Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick, hun.

luv Pollx

Hi Janet & Poll, just joined this web site and having a look around. I’m a carer and I recognised some of those symptoms Janet, I thought mine were caused by a little bit of stress etc of caring for someone with many illnesses but went to the doctor after suffering chest pain and a shortness of breath. one thing that has shown up is my very high blood pressure, 185/102 so I was put on aspirin and blood pressure tabs. well i still suffer the pain and shortness of breath which is being investigated but the headaches (which I was getting nearly every day) have gone. just need to sort out everything else though.