Headache from the DEVIL himself.

Ive had a headache for a few days and it has not been so bad but bareable.

Now as they day has gone on the headache is worse.It is pain all over my head and like something large is crawling under my skin.My face hurts to and feels like someone has punched me in the left side of my face and nose.And like someone is clawing at my head or sticking needs in my forehead and over my scalp.

Pain from my nose up into my eyes,this is horrible and I would cry if my girl was not sitting on the sofa a few feet away from me.I have not had one like this in a while.I feel like my face is swelling again and across my nose and eyes feels rather tight.

My kneck and shoulder are hurting on the left side and feel like millions of little pins being pressed into my skin,my left leg is now paining me and gone stiff and I just feel terrible,I was kind of alright now this is kicking in rather quickly.

Gosh I am on one of my why me days and when will all this end days,enough MS enough please.

I need a hug.



Hi Charlie,

Part of it sounds like sinus pain - does it get worse if you lean forward, maybe to pick something up off the floor?  If it is sinus, you'll feel it up your nose, round your eye and round your forehead to the back of your head.  Try steaming your face, that should help a little, don't know what to do about the rest of it, sorry.


Luisa x

Hi Charlie,

Really don't know what to say to help you, but am sending a big hug your way!!!!!!

Boo x 


Thanks for the hug.

No it dont get any worse but I feel sickly and I have been tipping uncontrolably to the right for the past few days...


Still got the headache,been terrible fatigue all morning and still am,been stuck to the sofa all day.Managed to get up and make a cup of tea.My body hurts terrible,my throat feels restricted.My arms and legs feel tight,they will not allow my brain to communicate with them.Feeling dizzy all the time,face paining me.I am swollen but not as bad as last night and felt I was going to pass out so I went to bed.

Ahhh well that MS life...


Ahh i hope your feeling better, it sounds like a migraine to me. Mine make me vomit, vision goes all weird, makes me very dizzy and dosorientated, extremely fatigued, makes my face numb or sore, feelings that parts of facevare swollen, extreme pain in head etc. If it is a migraine that you have been suffering i reccomend medication called imigran. It works very well for me and prevents all the symtoms getting worse. My gp prescibed it for me, but i have noticed it for sale in pharmacy’s too. Its not cheap, it was something like £9 for only two tablets but i would happily pay a lot more because they work for me. Ive tried many other migraine meds but they didnt do aything for at all.

Hope you are feeling better,


Thanks H.

But I am afraid to say I have gone down hill very quickly,my right leg is giving out,I have done no cleaning for three days.The fatigue is terrible,I am crashing out on the sofa most of the day and night.My right hand is all twisted up again.Weakness and pain through my whole body and the headache feels like pressure in my brain and kneck.

My feet and legs will not straighten up and my feet are pulling inwards making it difficult to walk.

Im in for a battering again,My symptoms may ease but the bad bouts are getting more and more regular.I was like this a week and half ago.My swollowing is difficult and stomach spasms are making me sick several times a day.My brain is so fuzzy I forget were the light switch is and forget how to turn a tap on,sounds silly but its true.

I woke up with a terrible spasms this morning and on the wrong side of the bed,Ive had a real rough night again.

I will fight it today as best I can,I hate not doing any cleaning I feel so low if the home starts to look dirty or that I feel is not clean enough.Thats the OCD bit of my brain kicking in.

Lets hope it all passes soon,but I feel I reconise the symptoms of MS more now and take my time and rest when needed.I have no choice.

Its such a shame as I used to be so active and now I can bearly function.

Bless you all.



Morning Charlie - have you been seen by a doctor? You might need in hosp to be given a course of IV steroids - my friend with MS was in for 3 weeks with similar!! I know that's not ideal but obviously your health has to come first.

Big hugs xxxx 

Deb the other week I felt like I needed to be in hospital and again I feel the same way,however I dont have anyone to have my child now.Or anyone I trust to have her.

Im crashing into doorways,I am boiling and sweating terrible.Pain in my legs now and right hand pain and twisted.I was like this many times before but eachtime it feels that little bit worse.

Numbness in my legs,I am in for another bad one and I am thinking of rining the doctors at least.

I woke all twisted up and on the wrong side of the bed.

I can hardly breath.My chest is so tight.

This is so horrid.


You MUST call the doctor JellyBean. Please do that now and arrange for a home visit at least - you will be no use to your child in the longrun if you don't get the medical care you need in the short term. Please do this andcome back and tell me you have! Dxxx

Ive had it before and fight it.Ive just rang the OT and left a message.I dont have an MS nurse yet or I would ring them.I will see what OT sugests but I am certainly not going to hospital.I hate them and last time I was in one they nearly killed me.They didnt expect me to live until morning.They made mistakes badly.

So I now fear hospitals greatly.

I need to stay on my feet.Ive gone numb patches on my legs and feet.The headache of the devil is still with me.I think maybe the headaches are a sign of whats to come.They are my warning to seek help I think.




Doctor just called,even though I have been getting steadily worse over a short period of time I am just having another relapse.I had one that ended just a week ago and that was terrible,although symptoms did not go they just eased.Now they are back and worse than ever.

Hey well done me to have another relapse so soon.I appear to be having them every 2-3 weeks,can it be called a relapse if I still get these symptoms only they ease or lesson for a few days?

Or am I heading for a lot worse very soon?

I am all  crunched up,tingling,terrible pain.Spasms were my limbs are uncontrolable.Cannot straighten my limbs properly.Off balance,blurred vision that I have to keep retyping what I am trying to write.I am being sick due to stomach and torso spasms.My throat feels restricted.Its like someone is pulling my muscles so tight they pain me.

Nope not a mirgaine ,Ive had the Baclofen upto 20 mg 4 times a day and stronger pain killers.

I now feel so low I am crying all the time again.Another day without doing anything,no cleaning nothing.

The fatigue is so bad I am crashing out and its all day and all night.

What a wonderfull life I lead NOT.


Oh Charlie, what can I say? Hope you feel a bit better soon. You said you had to keep retyping, well your post came out clear and understandable so well done on that.

As for the cleaning, well, I like to clean too, I like to stay on top of the household chores, however, I think, in your case, that today you had better not worry about the cleaning. So rest and take care.


Thankyou Cheryl,I am not touching a thing,I will save my energy for later to make my girl her dinner and thats all I can do.My neice will tell me off and always says why are you cleaning your house is spottless.She moans and groans on how I make my bed so perfect and the cushion so perfectly lined up,practise my darling practise LOL.

I just feel guilty if I do not do some cleaning.

Gosh I hope this passes soon,I need some respite from it.Never mind I am sure it will ease hopefully very soon.


I forgot to add a few smile faces.


Sorry had to be a little sick damn throat is restricted LOL