Gosh I have had a terible time.

I drove my wheels into a slide and got stuck by both legs on Sunday because a bully pushed my nephew off a bike and I didnt check my speed.The both legs were sore,the right leg is now fine but last night the left leg started to bruise and today its is sore and getting burgandy bruises on the ankle and the front of my leg,all below the site of impact.

Well Sunday I started to get headaches.Monday morning I got up with a headache that so painfull.My hearing was terrible.I am partialy deaf in the left ear and have been for many years yet I can hear a bus in the distance before normal hearing people.Well everything seemed very loud and noise was ringing in my head and making the headache worse.The sound was high pitched and fuzzy.

By time my child and her friend got off to school I blacked out continualy,waking up unable to move then crashing out again and again and again.Went to bed at around 10 pm.Sweating so bad it is running down my body.My face frozen again.

Unable to talk,speach so slurred.The pain OMG the pain.

Woke up Tuesday same things again,Wednsday again,Thursday the same.Today I got up feeling the exact same but I fought it and managed to do some house wife stsyle chores and felt proud of myself for doing them.

Then I blacked out on the Sofa again.

I woke up feeling a little better and at last managed to cook a proper meal.

My leg and ankle are looking terrible and in pain.It appears none of my family and friends are available to take me for an X-ray.Typical I knew they would say they had other plans.

I am so sickned that MS is such a CRUEL illness.I have more and more days of the blacking out,full body stiffness,all I can say is thankyou District Nurse for my incontinent pads.

My body spasms are so painfull I feel like I am going to die.

Ive cried so many tears the past few months.

All I can say is I hate needles BUT I realy am looking forward to injections,if they help me more than the pills I will be glad to stick pins in myself.

I am so ill I think I realy should be in hospital.Over the past few months I think it more and more.

I cannot go on like this,unable to do anything for myself.

I have not been out,I had to struggle to the chemist feeling the vertigo is so bad I struggled to stay upright.I needed my Baclofen as EVERYONE was to busy as usal to take 10 minutes to get my pills for me.The more ill I become the more my family desert me.

I had to phone the benefits agency and appoligised for my speach that I was not angry but struggling to talk.The realy nice woman on the phone explained things to me more clearly and took her time,the day before some male idiot slammed the phone down on me.

I still feel realy rough and I guess tomorrow will be another BAD BAD day for me.

I dont care about side effects I want anything that makes my life easier I realy realy do.

How do people cope with this?

Its an evil disease that has no boundries.

I am gutted I have become so ill over a short period of time.



Sorry you're having a tough time Charlie letdown

If it's bad and you think you should be in hospital, you should probably go to A&E? Phone an ambulance for transport (no blue light)? Or can your GP help?

One thing, when you say "I have more and more days of the blacking out,full body stiffness", it doesn't sound very like MS. Have you got a diagnosis now? If you have, then there may be something else going on too perhaps? If you haven't, then this is important info for your neuro.

I hope things get better soon for you.

Karen x

Oh Charlie xxxx I so wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything better for you xxxjenxxxx

Wishing you better soon (((Charlie)))

I was gonna ask whether you have a dx of ms but Karen's pipped me to the post....?

When you say 'black out' do you mean literally - as in passing out - or do you mean flaking out cos you're so tired? Reason I ask is that more often than not I take to the sofa to flake out because I'm so exhausted.

If you're 'passing out' then it's something that needs to be looked into.

I hope that things start to improve for you soon

Debbie xx 

My 4 doctors,nurse have all said I had been diagnosed with MS and I said I had not.A few weeks ago after my GP,s constantly tried to get intouch with my neuro they eventualy got a reply.He confirmed I do have MS eventhough I am still waiting for an LP.

I have masses of lessions on the brain and it appears I first had signs at age 19.

Also neuro,GP,s,nurse are all fully aware of the full body stiffness.The blackouts are often after full body stiffness and have been put down to MS.I dont realy know what happens,it is like my body and brain want to shut down,I try to fight it,then I wake up full body stiffness and in pain not knowing what had happened.Then as I try to wake or get up ooops I have gone again.

Again it has all been put down to MS.This is a very cruel illness,I now write like I am dyslexic,I miss words out.My brain used to pull out computer commands,I could build a computer,repair them etc and now my brain is so scrambled I can no longer do a job I love..

I knew I had MS I just needed it confirming and have fought over the years to try and get a full diagnosis.

My GP,s have been fighting for me so hard.

I can no longer walk to the chemist which is on my street I am so ill and in pain its just draged me down so far at the moment I can not see a way forward.

I will NEVER be ME again of that I am sure.I feel I have struggled through this for so long and left to suffer over the years and nothing was done to help me.Even been thrown out of a hospital when the doctor mistakenly read my twin sisters file and assumed I was her,considering I have NEVER been in a hospital in Newcastle and I live in Wales.I was shouted at in the ward full of people with about half a dozen junior doctors standing around.

Just a long list of things and neglect.

If I first showed signs at age 19 then I have had this cruel illness for 26 years.

I give up to be honest I have lost my fighting spirit.I feel so low I see now way of getting back on my feet.