headace and numbness

Hi all

Last night i woke up with an excruciating headache on the right side of my head coming out my right eye and ear hazy vision and at the same time both hands from elbow to fingers and legs knee to toes in dread full pain and unable to move for approximate 4 hours i was terrified has any body experienced this .

Nights are generally very bad for me with pain and spasms but this was so different .

Any comments appreciated


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Good luck to you MD. Your description reads like the norm for me.

Sometimes it’s cold water on my feet & a fix of Vicks that snaps me out of the relapse & chaos. The fatigue is a nightmare for most with terminal problems. A mint magnum sometimes does the trick at 2 am. Whatever helps when it gets bad. My best investment was a fan. Always good to have a fan & the best fan is yourself. Look after you MD & stay steady.


Hi Mary,

Do you think a trip to your GP might be in order? I think we all tend to blame MS for everything but I think something like that needs looking into.

Hope you get some answers,in the meantime take care,

Nina x

I’d also say GP or MS nurse is worth a call. Do you take any meds that might help? I take Amitriptyline at night and that helps me sleep. I also take gabapentin for nerve pain, it’s either that of pregabalin usually.

If you’re not taking anything then it might be time to start and it you are, maybe the dosage might need adjusting?

Sonia x