Head pains!!

Does anyone else suffer with really bad headaches and pains in your head? I had a sharp electric shock type pain for a few seconds in the side of my neck last night and today my head is horrendous, paracetamol doesn’t touch it. Also my neck/shoulders ache too and i had a massage last week which obviously hasn’t helped. Don’t see neuro until February.

I get a lot of pain at the base of the back of my head, it comes in waves and stops me in my tracks, effects my memory and movement for about 2 or 3 mins. Other than that it’s the waves of numbness and pins and needles on top of my head. I take co codomal when it gets to bed and have to stop what I am doing.

Hello Zipster

I was prescribed Topiramate 75mg by the neurologist for chronic headaches/migraine. You could have a chat with your gp if it’s a persistent problem. I still get headaches/migraine but not as intense.

I do try to avoid getting overly stressed, over emotional etc. This can result in an unbearable pressure type pain in the nape of my neck…I feel like my head is going to go bang! Once I calm down, it settles. Luckily, it rarely happens

Take care x