Head and neck MRI scan


I’m having a head and neck MRI scan next week. I’m a bit claustrophobic and was wondering if they are likely to do both scans at the same time due to where they are in the body, or if they’ll do them separately? How long does it take? Also will I have to have my head fixed in place?

Many thanks in advance .

They do them at the same time but take you out in the middle of them. Your head is ‘fixed in place.’ I think it takes about 40 minutes. You do have a buzzer to press. I have been in the machine 3 times in as many months, it’s really not that bad and you can see above you, it is quite noisy though.

Perhaps pop along to your GP and ask for a sedative if you think you will panic or unduly worry. It’s better to do that then the MRI having to be cancelled halfway through the scan. Also tell the staff about your worries.

Thanks to you both for your helpful messages.

I appreciate that you took the time to respond to me and wish you well.

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