he says it`s in his genes

allo everyone.

my hubby has always eaten a diet consisting of pies, chips, processed foods etc…rarely eats fruit and veg or salad,.he has never dieted, just had 1 pie instead of 2, for lunch if he feels his belly feels a bit big and uncomfortable. He doesnt believe in flu jabs, supplements and other preventative medicines.

He had his health MOT last week…his cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, blood tests all came back normal. He is about a stone overweight, but the nurse said for a man of 65, that isnt a concern.

Now, of course, we are thrilled with this news, particularly as he needs to be as well as possible, as he is my main carer.

He does have rheumatoid arthritis, which he has a weekly injection of enbrel for. His RA doesn`t give him an easy ride and he does take quite a lot of pracetomol for pain.

My point of this post is that if I ate what he eats, I would be 20 stone easily. And this isnt just because I am immobile, because before I had this condition, I aways had to eat a healthy diet to keep my weight down.

He insists our wieght is down to our genes an not what we do or dont eat.

I disagree for me…but he is right about himself.

Any thoughs on this guys?

luv Poll.

Hi there Poll,

I think it’s a combination of both. Your hubby is lucky. My mum, unfortunately, has the opposite. She has never been overweight or eaten a lot of fatty foods. I would say, over the years, she has almost tended to anorexia - quite the opposite of overweight or overeating.

Yet she was found to have very high cholesterol (8!) Normal/desirable should be 5 - mine is 3!

The only explanation, because it’s certainly not lifestyle, is that she must have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol.

This freaked her out completely, because her mother died of a heart attack. But instead of taking sensible advice from a dietician - which I believe should have been arranged for her automatically, on the NHS, in the light of her reading - she immediately embarked on a fanatical diet, cutting out all dairy.

Several years later, she now has osteoporosis, which I’m sure is due at least in part to the unwise dieting. She was even more terrified of the osteoporosis than the high cholesterol, as following a very bad ankle break, she realised she was at risk of further serious breaks, and losing her independence completely. To my intense relief, she has returned to eating dairy products and even chocolate, in moderation, and is on alendronic (sp?) acid for the osteoporosis, although it may already be too late to regain the bone density.

The strange thing is that since returning to a more balanced diet, including a modest amount of saturated fats, her cholesterol level has lowered. This does suggest it’s some kind of internal metabolic thing, and very little to do with what she’s actually putting in.



Interesting points Tina, thankyou. So glad to hear your mum is doing better now.

Hubby said he watched something about fats in our diet. It said the boffins have now decided that saturated fats arent that bad for us afterall! He gloated a bit as he told me!


errr- I eat pretty much the same-pies,chips,pot noodles -todays dinner is bacon medallions - I drink regular dr.Pepper ,iron bru etc, have consumed bags upon bags of gums/sweeties- I love choc chip cookies!

I am ft Wheelie and weigh around 8-81/2 st-size 10 is too big! I dont know why-i am certainly not happy about it,because I have a natural medium size frame and i look unhealthy- my collar bound jaunts out and my face looks gaunt

right now at this deak I have a bottle of iron bru,packet of beef monster munch,bag of gums, choclate limes,pear drops , a half pack of choc cookies and a family sized bar of galaxy- I will graze on that lot all day

I guess I am trying to gain weight, but its not working- in 2010 I was a healthy,happy size 14/16- I only had to look at a choc biscuit and I gained 1/2 stone,as I said not happy but there you have it- my metabolism maybe?

I agree with Tina, it’s a combination of both. I am lucky in that I don’t have to watch what I eat very carefully and there are times when my diet isn’t very healthy but I am sure if I regularly ate vast quantities of food I would put weight on. I have spent the last couple of months finishing up the Christmas chocolates and have gained a few pounds so that some of my trousers were actually too tight and I’ve had to go into my bigger pairs (I’m now somewhere between a size 10 and 12 depending on brand).

My mum was the same as Tina’s. She ate tiny portions of food, very little red meat, lots of fresh veg from dad’s allotment, lots of salads etc and yet had still had high cholesterol levels and very high BP. Mum switched the whole family to skimmed milk, low fat spreads etc but still needed one of the statins to control her cholesterol. Most of her immediate family died of heart attacks and the doctors believe her cholesterol was not caused by diet but genetics. I’ve never had my cholesterol levels checked despite repeatedly asking my surgery to do so. They maintain that because my BP is fine my cholesterol level must be too. Mum’s brothers were all stick thin but still 3 out of the 5 died from one single, massive heart attack. One of them had two strokes leaving him disabled and one of them had a triple heart bypass before he could have cancer surgery. It was the cancer that ultimately caused his death.

I was such a thin child my aunt tried to tell my mum I was under-nourished. Mum was outraged. “Under-nourished!”, she spluttered, “You should see how much that girl eats! She eats twice the amount I do and I put the weight on!”. I don’t think mum saw the funny side as much as I did.

Tracey xx

Me and my sister are polar opposites. She has always been able to eat what she wants and has never gone above a size 12. I, on the other hand pile it in. I’ve always said I must put her weight on for her :-). We really couldn’t be anymore different in this area. I eat quite a healthy veggie diet and drink lots of water. I have to make a really determined effort to lose weight sadly. I want to shift 2.5 st so have joined weight watchers on Monday to try and help. L x

There has been stuff in the news about sugar being the real culprit causing obesity and other health problems. The latest view seems to be that fat (even saturated fat) isn’t as bad for your health as sugar. So it may be Poll that your husband’s diet isn’t so bad, if he doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

The information out there on weight is contradictory as well. A report in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that being overweight lowered a person’s risk of dying from any cause by 6 percent. Another study, conducted by researchers at the (CDC), found that a (BMI) within the overweight range — 25 to 29.9 — may extend your life span. These findings were based on data from 97 previous studies, examining nearly three million adults.

Just some thoughts for you.