Having to delay my tysabri infusion?


I’ve been on Tysabri since last November but my 11th infusion appointment is on a day when I’m on holiday in Vegas so I’m having to delay it and I was thinking for a week?

Has anyone else had to delay their appointment?

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile: x

Hi Katie

Yes I have! It should be fine a week either side of your suggested date. I dont know where you have yours - but at Southampton they are pretty good at squeezing you in! Just give your infusion nurse a call.

Vegas sounds fab - Red 18 is my tip!


I had to move my infusion by two weeks because I was meant to have it three days into a holiday booked a year in advance. I was advised it was better to stretch the period between infusions by a few days four times over the course of the year, rather than do it all in one lump. Have you got time before your holiday to do a couple of 4.5 week gaps between infusions?


I’ve chopped & changed my infusion dates quite a lot, either from being away or having an infection, and there’s never been any problems.

Hope you have a top holiday.