Tysabri Frequency of Treatment


My Fiancee is due to undergo her 1st treatment of Tysabri next week, Im wondered what flexibility is there on the 28 day intervals for things like work schedules…or surprise Honeymoons :slight_smile: I have booked this for next year after our wedding and now realised it will fall when we are away.

Can treatment be taken a few days early or late i.e sometime 20-23 or 31-35 days?


Hi Rob, after the first 3 infusions you can have flexibility when you get the infusion. Anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Because of my work schedules I have gone between 3 & 5, struggling with the 5 week one. You fiancee can perhaps play around so her weeks move, she will get to know how long she can go etc. You may have to find some way around the surprise bit though. Cherry x


brill reply from cherry!

i have been on tysabri 2 years-just tell the nurse and she will adjust the dates.


This is interesting :open_mouth: I started on Tysabri on 16th April last year (last infusion in January as it wasn’t helping me, but that’s not relevant to this) and what the infusion nurses at Lincoln say is you can stretch things to 5 weeks but not beyond that, because if you do that you’re basically starting all over again, and no earlier than every 28 days. Intriguing that this isn’t the same everywhere.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your responses, didn’t expect anything so quickly! Good news that they will let her go up to 5 weeks, that will work out nicely!

Thanks again