Having another wobble

Hi all,

Struggling with the positivity thing again. I’ve been ticking over nicely for the last week, tired and twitching, but that’s been all. Saturday night I ran in to trouble. I can’t swallow at night properly anymore. Food and drink are fine, but as soon as I lie down I really struggle. I keep waking up choking in the night. Something similar happened years ago - I kept getting food stuck up my nose that time (friends found my sneezing sweet corn out of my nose hysterical). I’m now worried that I’m going to choke in my sleep. If I sit up and take a sip of water, I can swallow fine, but otherwise I can’t do it a lot of the time, and when I do manage it, it feels like my saliva is going up rather than down. Symptom of really dry throat & hypochondria or something I should tell the doc about. (It’s hard to judge for your self when you are unbelievably tired and worried!)



In my opinion you should tell a medical professional. I was told by an Occupational Therapist (OT) that there are exercises and other remedial steps that can be taken. If I had this sort of problem I would speak with my MS nurse and get her to help me find the right support or service to help.

I know it is easy to be sensitive to all sorts of issues that MIGHT be related to MS but this is not necessarily hypochondria. Always worth asking the professionals. Good luck Mick


Completely agree with Mick. GP should be able to refer you to a speech and language therapist.

Mags :slight_smile: x

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Thanks Mick and Mags. Have tried to get appointment, but think Christmas rush has started - no appointments until next week. Ended up emailing gp with symptoms, so will see what she says. It’s only at night it really bothers me, so I’m feeling hunky dory just now, but I know that later, when my hubby and kiddies are asleep, I’ll be a complete anxious wreck again.



Try sleeping on your side, and the more you stress about it the worse it might be, try some deep breathing exercise before sleep it should help you to relax.

I will shut up now and wish you all the best.