Having a Stoma any advice please?

Hi guys last week had final hospital appointment to confirm everything ok to go ahead for a Stoma, m.o.t. If you like passed, ECG fine, blood pressure fine, blood taken waiting results, heart sounded fine, great just the blooded MS apart from that good to go, just waiting a date looks like September. Can’t wait my muscles have given up so have been self evacuating my bowels for months, very uncomfortable and not very dignified but needs must. As I said to the consultant I’ve already got one whole in my stomach with the SPC another won’t make any difference. Has anyone else got a Stoma and notice a difference in the life (for the better) I hope. Thanks Deb

Hi Debs,

Ssssue has written a very comprehensive account of her colonoscopy last month.

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Hi, if you go on everyday living board, you`ll see the whole shebang described by our lovely Ssue…she went through a stoma op recently and says it has changed her bowels difficulties no end.

Good luck chuck.


Hi Deb

The stoma is actually easier to deal with than the SPC. It’s the thought of it that’s so unnerving. And it does take a little getting used to. But an end to self evacuation is a definite plus.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.


I think you meant colostomy rather than colonoscopy. Auto correct is a bigger.