Having a bit of a bad day today

Hi huys hope your all well.

Having an off day today.Woke yup this morning with bad legs and right one more painful. Do slimming world so counting the rubbish I have out of my syns got on scales today to find not lost anything when cutting out rubbish. I am wondering could me painkillers be putting me weight on I am taking 450mg of Pregabalin, could this be why not lost anything.

Feeling a lillte fed up due to this and legs hurtting if making feel like rubbish.

sorry for the wingeing Clare xx

I’m not sure as I’m not on any meds but I wanted to say I hope you feel better soon Clare.X

no worries about whinging- I’ve just done a moany post!! hope you are feeling better soon. I started slimming world myself 2 weeks ago. going ok for me so far , but I’m not taking any medication. xx



Hope your feeling abit better today :slight_smile: i know how you feel with regards to your legs ,mine feel dreadful at the mo :frowning:

Sam xx

Claire I’m on a higher dose than you of Gaba and lose weight on slimming world, though more often than not its half a pund to a pound at a time even when I’ve been really good. Think its the lack of mobility for me that makes it hard.

Ive lost about 10lbs and saw a friend yesterday who said i looked less puffy (charming) at least she was truthful…i think that is because I’ve reduced the Gaba doen from 900mg x 3 to 600mg x 3…can’t seem to get lower as pain threshold is complaining.

Gabapentin may have its side effects but it deals well with the pain for me

its a slow journey :slight_smile:

Hi Clare, I am also on SW plan. I am losing weight quite well, considering I am a full time wheelie.

I am on amitriptyline, which some reckon causes weight gain.

For myself, I can say that I can lose weight when I stick to a good diet. I think ive lost around 2st in 13 weeks. So thats brill for me.

My syns only consist of extra bran flakes each day. I count that as 4 syns. I find a full lunch and a full tea are too much for me. So my lunch is usually yog and fruit.

My choccy fix comes in the form of Muller Light fat free yogs.yummy.

luv Pollx

I don’t know anything about the drugs i’m afraid as i’m still new to all this, but don’t be so hard on yourself. I lost 3 stone and have kept it off for the last 4 years and i’m hardly skinny now

Its hard to loose weight at the best of times, although you haven’t lost any weight this week staying the same weight still deserves a big well done! Besides weight loss for me at least seemed to go in stages - the dreaded plateau thing, if you stick with it i’m sure you’ll see the results you want.

the main thing at the moment is to look after yourself - eat right and keep as active as you can without hurting yourself, everything else will sort itself out in time (can you tell i’ve been practicing positive thinking :slight_smile:


Aw big hugs for you


Both gabapentin and pregabalin have weight gain as a side effect for some people. You can’t compare the two directly though because the max dose for gabapentin is 3600mg a day and the max dose for pregabalin is 600mg a day. So 450mg of pregabalin is roughly equivalent to 2700mg of gabapentin FOR THE SAME PERSON. The capitals are because we all metabolise different drugs differently. That’s why some people need very low doses to get the same effect as another person who needs high doses, but also why one drug might work while an alternative doesn’t.

There’s no doubt that some people struggle with their weight while on these meds, but there’s also no doubt that decreasing levels of activity often contributes too. Let’s face it, pain and fatigue + exercise do not exactly go together!

If your weight is a problem, then it might be worth trying a different drug, but if the pregabalin is working, it might mean a return of pain :frowning: It’s a tricky balance :frowning:

Sorry, this is not a terribly optimistic reply!

Karen x