Having a bad day

I was so sick I did not have the energy to go sign on last thursday for payment yesterday I finally recieved the sick note letter which I am supposed to return so that they can release the money.

The letter is 2nd class so I probably wont get any money untill next Thurs when I am due to sign on again, I dont even have the energy to cross the road to post the letter so that will delay payment even more

I have also had a letter saying that they are going to deduct £10.40 per week for money I have claimed but they said I wasnt due, I am so fed up with the jobcenter.

Jon darling my heart goes out to you! Honest to God how on earth do they expect people with a CHRONIC CONDITION to go through all of this shite!!!

You could always stick a 1st class stamp over the 2nd class thingy. That might at least get it there quicker.

Here’s me giving you big virtual (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Are you going to apply for ESA?

I think your post is incredibly calm (ie not one F word!) considering what THEY are putting your through.

Hang on in there.

Thinking of you,

Pat x

The filtered word was ‘sh*te’…

LOL @: Pat I do try to remain calm rarely swear and just put up with things and keep going. I looked into ESA but as it is £30 less per week than JSA with the add on’s I get because I get DLA I was reluctant to switch.

I am quite fed up with the job center I just have to think that I am lucky to live with my mum and dont need the money to much, I do feel bad though for people who may be in a similar situation and live by themselves and therefore really do need the money.

I also feel that if you get really angry and irate then they have won the argument and it wont get you anywhere anyway.

Plus it’s not the fault of the people at the job center, they are only following procedure.

I think by the time I get any money from JSA I will be siging on again for payment the following week

As you said at least I dont have a chronic illness or more severe disability so I try to keep that in mind

Great attitude Jon… and getting angry and upset doesn’t exactly help the MS (ssshhhh don’t wake the gorilla up!)

Have a good weekend… gorgeous weather here in London… (as long as it doesn’t get too darn hot…)

Pat x