ESA chances?


I’d like to get some advice please. I have not been working for a few months, left my job for various reasons one of them is the ongoing issue with my health. MS investigation still going on, no diagnosis yet, brain mri shows only unspecific spots. My GP is very supportive and gave me unfit for work certificate. However, I’m worried my ESA application will be denied because i don’t look sick enough…I can walk but it’s painful. My main problems are fatigue and the burning pain in my arm, leg and head. And feels like i have no energy, brain fog. Yesterday started getting eye pain and so called visual snow.

So i’m thinking what my chances are to get ESA or PPI…i mean strictly speaking i can function on my own it’s ’just’ exhausting. Maybe it’s not even worth the little energy i got wasting on this long process.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Hi its worth giving them both a go if you feel upto filling in all the forms and going for assessments it will take months before you see or hear from anybody and that can be very frustrating , but if you apply for ESA you will be put on a waiting rate £ 77.00 a or their about but you will have to send in sick notes to them until you are assessed . its all very long and drawn out but if you have someone that can help you fill in forms and support you .nothing ventured nothing gained as they say . Always lots of help on here when you need it . All the best Katy.

Do make a claimable…many of us don’t actually ‘look’ sick enough, but we know we are! It can seem like a dreadfully arduous uphill task, but stick with it hun.

Luv pollx

I would encourage you to go for it!
However I would strongly advise you take a look at the “Benefits and Work” web site.
No I am not advertising the site but I have just successfully gone through the PIP process
following the advice I found on their site.

Please be aware though it is a protracted and sometimes exhausting / exasperating process!

Good luck!



If I had a pound for every time somebody has said “oh don’t you look well” I wouldn’t need ESA. It’s a factor of MS that much of what we suffer is invisible (trigeminal neuralgia, double vision, fatigue) so don’t worry how you might look to an ESA examiner. The key is filling in the form with enough information to describe the effect your condition has on your ability to do the prescribed tasks. There isn’t a question about fatigue but it’s probably a major reason for many people being unable to work. You have to work fatigue into your answers to explain why you can’t, for example, stand at a work station or carry even light objects.

Steve has given good advice to check out benefits and work. I used their guides to successfully claim ESA

you must give it a go - you have everything to gain and nothing to loose


Thank you for the replies!! I will get myself together, study benefits&work and start it.

I was awarded PIP at the higher rate on Care and Mobility in March.Since then my SSP has stopped and I applied for ESA.I have sent ESA 50 in 3 times{Recorded) and they have lost them all.They cannot trace the names who signed for them.I have MS and Osteoarthritis in both knees and awaiting a new left hip.


I would make an official complaint. To loose your ESA50 three times is beyond disgraceful. It really doesn’t matter that they can’t trace who signed for them - you have proof of delivery, that’s what counts.

I would make an official complaint too. Agree, only proof of delivery counts!

Regarding my case, been doing research. If correct, even if i could get enhanced PIP (not likely i guess) and ESA, i would only get about £900. Not sure if i could get housing benefit as I’m from the European Economic Area. It states that one usually can’t get it if “residing in the UK as an European Economic Area jobseeker”. If not able to work, don’t know what’s the rule. I’ve been living here for 6 years, paid my taxes and contributions and never claimed any benefits so no idea how this system works.

I agree with all of the above, it’s worth putting in a claim. I used benefits and work to apply for PIP, it was really helpful to read there guides first and with application I forwarded copies of consultant letters, letter from DVLA revoking my licence, letter from council showing what changes had been made to my house, infact nearly every letter I have. I know it will take 26wks to hear anything but the application is in. ESA was a battle, just don’t give up.

good luck :slight_smile:

I have recently put in a claim for pip but dont hold out much hope of being awarded. I had to apeal dla and eventually got the lower rate for care but nothing for mobility. I am really struggling lately with fatigue and depression it makes me very depressed to have to fight for a simple thing as living my life. How do I get heard and understood by people that hold all the cards?