Have you travelled to Georgia with MS drugs?

I am planning to go to Georgia (the country not in the US) in June/July for 2 weeks (I usually take an extra 2 days of drugs for unexpected delays), and having just checked the customs website about my drugs I am a bit concerned, and wonder if anyone else who has been to Georgia can put my mind at rest?

I take Amitriptyline (but this doesn’t seem to come up on their bad list) and Pregabalin 125mg twice daily, which comes up on their psychotropic drugs list… So the below says I need a photocopy of my prescription (fair enough), a certificate of the physician prescribing it (technically my neurologist but I suppose the GP whose name is on the prescription – if they are happy to even give me one no doubt they will charge handsomely for it), and then a document signed and sealed by an authorised person certifying authenticity of the prescription and the certificate. Who would that be, my MS nurse?

Then it seems I have to present these to customs control who will sign and seal them and my customs declaration, which I can (but not mandatory) give back to customs when I leave… I don’t speak Georgian and will be touching down at 00:05, maybe travelling on my own, and just want to know what to expect from someone that has been there before with their drugs and documents. Please!

This is what their website says:

  • Photocopy of the prescription translated into English and certified by an authorized agency according to the rule determined by the laws of the country from where a natural person is traveling. Prescription should include the following information 1 :
    • Natural person’s Name, Surname, gender and age
    • Diagnosis
    • Brand and generic names of the narcotic drug and/or psychotropic substance
    • Dosage form
    • Quantity of tablets ,ampoules and etc
    • Method of use and duration of treatment
  • Certificate of physician issuing prescription, translated into English and certified according to the rule established by the laws of the country of departure
  • Document signed and sealed by an authorized person (legalized) certifying authenticity of the prescription and certificate and issued by a competent authority of the country of departure. Such a document should include the following information:
    • Name of the authority
    • Juridical address
    • Contact person
    • Phone number
    • Country of destination

Customs authority shall control the integrity of the presented documents and compliance of the information (comparing the quantity and type of narcotic drugs and/or psychotropic substance with the actual amount/type of items carried by the passenger). After the customs control, the documents will be signed and sealed by the customs officer and will be returned to the natural person. It should be kept during the stay in the country and may be submitted (but not mandatory) to Georgia Customs Authority upon departure from the country.

Thank you for any tips, stories, anything!