has this petition been seen here?

i don’t know if this has already been flagged on this site, it’s not MS related, but i just thought it was better to spread the word about this, in case it hadn’t been seen by any potential supporters. i hope it’s ok to do so… wendy x


I’m lending my support to calls for Her Majesty’s Government to pardon all the men, alive or deceased, who, like Alan Turing, were convicted under ‘anti-gay’ laws. Please join me.

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wendy -

Alan Turing was the greatest computer scientist ever born in Britain. In one stroke he defined the criteria by which the Nazi’s “impossible” Enigma code could be broken and laid the foundations of modern computing. He was a hero.

He was also gay. He was prosecuted for it, punished with chemical castration and took his own life, aged 41. In 2013 the British Government rightly pardoned Turing. But **Turing was not the only man convicted for being gay under the laws of “gross indecency”.**These were pernicious, cruel laws that fortunately don’t exist now but whose shadow still looms over too many.

More than 49,000 men were convicted under these and similar laws. Their lives were destroyed. They suffered humiliation, violence and total estrangement from their families which in some cases also led to suicide.

That is why I’m lending my support to calls for Her Majesty’s Government to pardon all the men, alive or deceased, who, like Alan Turing, were convicted under ‘anti-gay’ laws.

Please join me by signing this petition.

The Imitation Game film has brought Alan Turing’s story to cinemas around the globe. But what about all of the men whose stories will never be heard? They also deserve their names to be cleared.

The UK’s homophobic laws made the lives of generations of gay and bisexual men intolerable. It’s time we acknowledge this mark on our history and correct it. Take a moment to sign the petition here.

Thank you,
Stephen Fry

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Thank you, Wendy, I have signed this already but it good to see such an important petition getting as much exposure as possible!

seen it before (probably on facebook) and signed it.

horrible way to treat a genius who most probably ended ww2 early.

carole x

I’ve see this one before and signed it. It has nearly 500,000 signatures on it. Surely the Government can act on this?

I’m registered with change.org Wendy. I have signed this petition.

Thanks for sharing


I’m just about to sign it Wendy.

Yet another example of governments maltreating people on the basis of an arbitrary sense of morality. If he was a racist, sexist homophobe who sh*gged any woman with a pulse (whether they wanted to or not) he would probably be celebrated by the establishment of the time.

thank god for the opportunity for change.

all the best, fluffyollie xx

thanks to everyone who’s signed, the petition is up to almost 463,000, please keep spreading the word, and hopefully it will break the half million supporters mark. the government must surely understand that ‘pardoning’ alan turing but not every other gay man, so horribly mistreated, is appaling in this day and age!

wendy xx

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463,418 signed to date.

Jan x

i only checked a few minutes later than your post and now it’s 463,519. my daughter volunteers at our local LGBT centre, when i first saw this petition, she was at a group get together, so i sent her an all in capitals text message about it, ending in ‘zilla-who-must-be-obeyed’, knowing full well that she’d show it around, just for the opportunity to tell everyone that she does, in fact, call me 'zilla. it was even on my table place card at her wedding: ZILLA: mother-in-law. i really am missing a trick, i should change my member name, hmm. perhaps not, i’ve only just found an 80x80 avatar of a black cat that i like.

and yes, i’m admitting embarrassing stuff to push the post back up, i type slowly, so i kept going back to change.org to check the number of supporters. i’ve changed it about 5 times now. and again.

better go now, or i’ll be here all day hopefully.

wendy xx