Has anyone started Aubagio (teriflunomide)?

I am thinking about swapping DMTs and trying Aubagio aka teriflunomide. Has anyone tried this new drug yet? Have you had any side-effects? Did you start on a reduced dose? How are you finding it?


I’d be very interested to know the answers to this too as I’ve had to stop the Rebif I was on due to skin problems so, I’m back to square one with choosing meds again.

I’m guessing the lack of replies tells us that no one on here is on aubagio yet.

Well, decision made. I have a letter in front of me written ready to post, asking the neuro to take me off Avonex and let me start Aubagio ASAP. I don’t even know who prescribes it, GP or neuro. I know there are blood tests first so I’ve asked that they can be arranged through the GP very soon.

I have 10 injections of Avonex left and don’t want the next delivery (or any further ones). I’m hoping I can move straight from one drug onto the next without a gap.

Hi It would be the neuro for Aubagio. I was going to go on it but my MS nurse informed me if I am looking to get pregnant then I need to stop taking it for two years first. I’m 39 now. I am waiting to start BG12 tablets end of November.

hi, I’ve been on aubagio for 5 months now with no side effects. I was on copaxone for about a year but hated the injections.

i would recommend this to anyone it seems to have eased my symptoms but don’t know if that’s just placebo effect.

Hi. The blood tests are every two weeks and I get them done at the GPs

Is that in the UK? How did you manage to get on it so early? My neuro tried to tell me I wasn’t allowed to swap from a DMT to Aubagio just because of side-effects; thing is I’d already swapped from Copaxone to Avonex 8 years ago because of bad side-effects (I developed an allergy to Copaxone and had hot and itchy egg-sized lumps at each injection site). Then the Avonex caused severe thyroid-dysfunction, which nearly killed me. He is back-tracking now and has agreed I can swap but clearly he’s reluctant.

Perhaps everyone is waiting to get onto Tecfidera instead?

I wonder if that is why you don’t have many replies? Just a thought!..

is there any update on this question? Anyone got any feedback on ‘if teriflunomide works for them’? I am going for blood tests tomorrow and, if all goes well, I hope to start on teriflunomide by the end of the month. Feeling rough today as I’m going through a relapse at the moment and don’t know when it will ‘bottom out’! I’m pretty new to all this as I was only diagnosed in September last year (day before my mum’s funeral!) and so I haven’t got much history to help me understand how it effects me. Just trying to keep positu¡ive but feeling anything but…numbness is affecting much of my left side. Hands and legs and even my face losing sensation. :frowning: