Any positive experiences of Aubagio?

For my latest DMT I have been offered Aubagio. I was previously taking Copaxone but had to stop due to lipoatrophy (a shame as no other side effects and injecting didn’t bother me). Switched to Tecfidera but had to stop after a few weeks as I was vomiting every morning and that was only on the lower dose. My blood pressure also dropped and I felt terrible overall so decided I couldn’t continue. I am worried that Aubagio has the same/similar side effects and on top of that hair loss seems pretty common which is something I really don’t want. My neurologist said it occurs in about 1/3 of patients which seems pretty high to me. I am wondering whether or not to even bother with a DMT. I didn’t get one for 12 years due to NICE guidelines saying you only qualified if relapses were less than 2 years apart and mine never have been. Guidance then changed and now all of a sudden I do qualify. My MS is relatively stable with few changes to MRI scans over the years. Not sure what to do.