Aubagio hair loss

I have been advised that I need to stop Tecfidera and go on to Aubagio. Does any one on here take Aubagio and did they experience hair loss. If so what was it like and how long did it take to resolve. Thank you in advance

I have been in aubagio 2 years now and no hair loss, I did get one of the listed side effects, I got a horrible flu which lasted 5 days. I have yearly MRI and from I started aubagio I have no new lesions.

I’ve been on Aubagio for 4 years now. I had lots of think hair and lost a lot. It came out in handfuls if I ran my hand through it, in the shower and in my brush! But it did grow back. It came back more wavy, but it grew back. I have been mostly symptom free and more importantly no disease progression. Give it a go. However, I am being monitored regularily for low neutrophil levels. But I’m happy to keep taking it.

Hi sallum
When did you start to lose hair? How long until the hair loss stopped? I am considering switching from Rebif to Aubagio. Thanks!

Hi, I started losing My hair around month 4/5, it lasted 3 mabe 4 months and it was a worry at the time when my brush was full after every brush or just running my fingers through it, but one the hair loss has finished, I found, the new growth to come back wavy! Aubagio is so easy to take, although you still need to be monitored regularly. I’m just waiting for this year’s MRI results to come back. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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