Starting new treatments

Hi everyone,

ive been suffering with Mulitple Sclerosis for nearly 13 years

and in that time I’ve been on a range of different DMD’s and

nothing has really worked and the MS has gotten severely worse

Im due to start Aubagio and to be totally honest I’m absolutely

petrified, mainly because all the side effects are things like hair loss

and other symptoms that I don’t think I can cope with and on top

of suffering with MS I also suffer from Bi-Polar and the 2 put

together is a disaster…

if anyone can help or give advice I would be so greatful

lauren x

Hi Lauren, I’ve been taking Aubagio for 12 months now. It was fairly plain sailing but I did and still do suffer with loose bowel movements, but the thing that I worried about the most was hair loss. Yes, mine did fall out in what seemed handfuls from around month 5 to the end of month 8, but rest assured you hair should grow back eventually, mine did. Good luck Sharon

my ms nurse told me that vit B1 would help hair to grow back.

it did and now i’m back to the full mop.