Has anyone gotten a covid booster?

Has anyone gotten a covid booster? Were the side effects similar to the initial side effects from the first vaccinations?

Hi, Ive had the booster and I didnt have any side effects, but yes other I know have had similar symptoms to what they felt after the first jab

I’ve had the booster and apart from a bit of an ache in my arm next day, that was it.

Hope that helps.


I had mine yesterday feeling tired today and have a sore arm but glad I had it done.

Yes, I had the booster on Tuesday (along with the Flu jag)
Felt terrible on Wednesday and a little better today.
I had absolutely no side effects with the first 2 jags, so it might be the Flu combination.

Hi. Yes, I had mine a couple of weeks ago. Just had a sore arm for a few days, that’s all.
Is your’s soon.? If you had side effects from the others and are worried, have a word with your GP, or MS nurse.
Boods x

I’ve had mine, no reaction but then I didn’t with the first two either. They advised me to wait a week before having the flu jab, said it was my choice but reason being if you’re immune suppressed then they think you give your body a better chance of building up antibioties to each if you space them out. I opted to do that rather than have both at once.

Hi Traci, I got the booster last week and I think that because it was Pfizer my arm was sore for 4 days unlike my previous 2 jabs that were sore for two days and 4 hours respectively. Other than that I have not had any problems.

Got my Pfizer booster yesterday. Sore arm in the evening and that was it. Sleeps a bit screwy since the last relapse and steroids so waking up at 3am wasn’t a shock. However, I slammed into the Door frame as went to bathroom. Losing my balance (relapse like) went back to bed. On and off till 6.30ish…

Very wobbly and can’t see out my left eye. Had Optic Neuritis recently and it’s differnetly the same effect. I’m hoping its just the booster causing a temporary flare and not another relapse :crossed_fingers: had 3 since July.

Suppose on the plus side I had no idea about the third relapse. If it wasn’t for the routine MRI last month showing lots of activity no one would know. Makes a nice change to relapse and not know.

Update: Starting being sick a few hours after getting up till around 4pm. Vision in left eye also returned to normal around 4pm. Still a little unsteady but thankfully much better. Just tired…