Has anyone experienced these visual symptoms?

Hi for past 4 months ive been having head tremors dizziness and twitching in one hand but most recently i am having visual problems im going to explain it the best i can as its really weird,iN BOTH eyes i am seeing what looks like millions of little black cells moving around in different directions,when i look at a wall its as like they clump together then slowly dispearse into little particles,also its like a dim light is flickering in the distance and my vision is becoming fuzzy,i have seen 3 opthamologists who cant find anything wrong with my eyes?i have a neuro appointment in april and im having an mri scan in a month,i have seen numerous doctors who just keep saying its stress and anxiety but i cant help but think this is ms or a brain tumour.especially with this happening in both eyes.has anyone ever come across the visual disturbances that i am describing.many thanks

i have found out what i am seeing and it is visual snow

Hiya, I have had visual snow for about 7 years, like you I visited many opticians, opthalmologists, GP’s etc. No one could see anything wrong. It wasn’t until I had problems with my legs that I had a MRI and VEP done. MRI showed optic nerve damage and a mid brain lesion. The VEP showed severe optic nerve damage. This led to my diagnosis