Has anyone experienced strange 'popping' sensation in head?

Hi all

Occasionally I get a strange popping sensation sensation inside my head, it feels like my brain has an airlock in it or a short circuit, it only lasts for a few seconds but its scary enough to stop me in my tracks. I’ve never mentioned it to my ms nurse or neuro because I cant explain it very well and it sounds silly. I was wondering if it was related to the lesions on my brain. Hopefully someone on this forum will recognise what I am talking about.


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Hi Sue,

I do not believe there’s any way you could actually feel lesions in your brain - the brain isn’t sensitive to touch, because normally, there’s no way it could get touched, as it’s in a sealed container - LoL. So it just doesn’t have that capability. People have actually had brain surgery whilst conscious, and don’t report that it’s painful. Obviously, getting through the skull to get to the brain presents more of a challenge to the anaesthetist, but the brain itself doesn’t feel.

I haven’t had the exact symptom, but is it definitely your head, and not, perhaps, your ear? I get popping in my ear sometimes. I believe there’s a tiny little muscle in there, that can go into spasm, just like other muscles do with MS. When this happens, there’s like a beating or popping sensation - I’m not really sure if it’s a feeling or a sound. Sometimes it feels like there’s a moth trapped in there. It’s very annoying, but not painful.

Other than that, I don’t know. Maybe do mention it to the nurse or neuro next time, as they might have some ideas? But if it’s only occasional, and lasts just a few seconds, would you want treatment for it anyway? I don’t think I’d want to take drugs all the time for something that only happens now and then, and lasts seconds. If your main concern is reassurance it’s not dangerous, they may be able to provide that.


Hi Sue, I do sometimes get a loud bang in my head… maybe it’s what you mean. Makes me jump out of my skin. I’ve been getting it for a few years. Started about the same time as MS symptoms.

When I first started getting it I googled it and found something called ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ (I kid you not!). It’s a neurological condition not particularly linked to MS. I mentioned it once to a neuro who gave me the sideways look… LOL… so I don’t think it’s very well known.

Anyway, google it and see if it’s what you get. Luckily it appears to be harmless.

Mine comes and goes and happens mostly when I’m dozing or just falling asleep.

Pat x

Thanks for your helpful replies girls…

It’s not in my ear and I googled exploding head syndrome (that made me smile!) and its def not that. So I googled bubble popping feeling in the head and got the result of Marlo Donato Parmelee (no, I’ve never heard of her either) manager of some posh frock shop in London recently diagnosed with ms, first symptoms were, you’ve guessed it, bubbles popping in the head. The interview is on MailOnline and she talks of her ms and slips in a few adverts for very expensive clothes!

Told you it sounded silly!


Yes, I get lots of popping, painful knife like symptoms in my head. I didnt get it before ms either. Its rather like taking a flight and the ears and around behind the nose is popping, like altitude sickness.

Strange but if others get it then it must be pressure related?



snap pardon the pun, i also get this, as what pat said it normaly hapens when im just falling to sleep its just like a loud sharp bang. i googled it and found it was linked with ms, touch wood its not happened for a while now… Tony…

I get a loud electrical ping shooting from one side to the other, like a bullet zooming through my head. Sometimes a pop or something seems to go up from my neck into my head without the ping sound, then my head jerks! I’m not diagnosed but I didn’t have it before all the neurological stuff started.

My daughter (who gets a few minor neurological things) says she sometimes feels like water is swishing around inside her head.

Interesting stuff - can anyone find the reason for these strange things?


My name is ally and I’m getting popping slightly painful on top of my left side of my head I’m scared I haven brain lesions and fibromyalgia Could I be having s stroke ?

Hi Ally

If you are worried, get yourself checked out by a doctor. We can’t advise you to do anything other than that.

All the best.


Hello. I have just literally registered as I am worried that I have symptoms of MS.

I have had this weird spaced out/foggy head feeling for the last 3 weeks. It came about from nowhere. I have had these ‘attacks’ for over 10 years - they seem to happen once or twice a year and last for 2/3 weeks but this one is taking longer to go. I am really very anxious on what I can do, the Dr does not really take me seriously.

I have a fullness and ringing in the ears, neck ache, puffy eyes and just don’t feel myself. It’s like I am awake but in a dream/drunk. I very rarely drink, and never to an excess.

Whoever I speak to says I am speaking normally, but I know I am not feeling myself. I am having difficulty driving and concentrating at work.

I do get the ‘popping’ noise but it seems to only ever be near the left ear.

I am really looking for some advice as to how I go about sorting this out.

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Hi. Im new to this but i used to describe to my neuro bubble wrap in my head…or for those who are old enough…the 7 million dollar man and the noise he made every time he moved his head. Awful sensation xx

I have not been diagnosed with MS, but this post is the closest description of what I’ve felt. I had just woken up. Went to turn my head and there was a pop feel, not sound. Then painful tingles radiated from the left side of my head through my jaw. It’s painful for about 30 seconds then disappears. It’s hapenned before throughout my life. I remember being young the first time it hapenned. It’s almost like pop feel, pain, massive tingles and then it all goes away, but it’s all in my head. Happens maybe once a year, and I don’t have to be asleep or waking up. I just have to turn the right way and BANG. May need to see a neurologist for this one. The pain was so bad this time I actually screamed out.

Hi, I experience the same exact feeling but with extreme pain also stops me in my tracks, pain only subsides when I lay down flat, but it feels like tiny bubbles popping in the top of my head, then pressure as the pain leaves then tingling, and I also have lesions.

I to have experienced these feelings in my head. I have not been diagnosed with MS, cannot seem to get a doctor to listen to me. I am getting very frustrated, even starting to feel as though my symptoms are just being made up in my head. I would describe the feeling that I get in my brain as an “electrical zap” almost like I have touched an electric fence for a few seconds and it went straight to my head. It stops me in my tracks every time it happens.

I haven’t been diagnosed with MS yet. My doctor has sent in a referral for a neurologist. The more I read about MS the more symptoms I have. I think I know what you are talking about because I worry I have an aneurysm in my brain because it feels like something popped in my head and it’s usually the same spot.