Head symptoms??

Does anyone get lots of head symptoms? I get headaches for weeks on end and my eyes water and feel puffed up. Also when i get this my heads worst when i first get up in the morning and i am more fatigued. I asked my neurologist if the headaches could be with the lesions and he said no!!!

Hi Zipster,

Lesions themselves do not hurt, for the simple reason the brain has no pain sensors. So whatever is causing your headache, it cannot be from actually feeling the lesions. Watery eyes is not a usual symptom of MS either, although it can sometimes make them sensitive to light, which could in turn make them water, I suppose. This sounds more like some kind of infection - sinus trouble, perhaps?


The only head symptoms I’ve had is in relation to sight loss/hearing loss and general disorientation. I have had my ears looked at and was just told to take paracetamol!

I don’t know what’s going on. Had 6 lesions on my brain scan but lumbar puncture showed nothing. On monday i had sharp pains around my body and then woke up with a headache that hasn’t gone since. My eyes feel tired all the time and bad brain fog. I am scared when i see the neuro again he just discharges me because of the LP been clear and not offered any meds or help.

When i saw him in July he said if he had just looked at my mri before i walked in his office he would have definitely said i had MS but when he did the neuro tests and saw me it didn’t correspond with the MRI that’s why he wanted to do the LP.

This describes my hayfever down to a tee. Sounds like an allergy to something, causing sinus swelling/blockage x

I don’t understand why we feel pain from headaches/migraines if the brain has no pain sensors? I get odd pains and crawling sensations on my scalp and occassionally a puffy eye but the latter I put down to a ‘painless’ migraine (not had these often but have a family history). Aside from that, brain fog, poor memory, mixing words/sounds, not understanding what people are saying to mr sometimes…yep, my head isn’t quite right either!