Happy Solstice!

So, tonight’s the night… winter solstice. The shortest day and longest night of the year, and the turning point of the year after which it will start brightening up again. I don’t celebrate Christmas in the religious sense - don’t and cannot believe in the unlikely fairy tales which I had indoctrinated into me as a child by religion, and would now call myself an atheist - but I’ll go with the baby cheeses everyone is wittering about!

I celebrate Solstice, purely because it’s the return of the light after a long dark spell, and as such should be something to celebrate with fire, lights, sparkly things and food. Onward and upwards, and the best 2019 to everyone!

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Happy Solstice

Nice thought. Celebrating the return of the light (slowly but surely).

Much better than the ‘possible’ birth of someone who has no relevance to my life.


Happy solistice. my daughter is a pagan. so its usual for me to celebrate solistice

I don’t really know what I am… an atheist cos I’m devoid of a belief in any god or gods… realist, maybe, and I enjoy things that can be proved to exist. Science is good, because any scientific explanation of anything has to be shown to be repeatable, and if it ain’t, the theory is discarded and it’s back to square one. Possibly not a pagan, cos even that involves rules, as does the term ‘humanist’. I’m just me…