Happy New Year ( Great Start)

I will wish you all aHappy New year now as the way my lucks going l will be in intensive care by morning. Just got back from A & E, l decided to dust my bedroom this afternoon was just about finished when l noticed some dust on the light, so reached up over balanced and now have three fractured ribs and a fractured cheekbone. Didn’t know dressing tables could be dangerous Great New Years eve this turned out to be, I’m going to bed before anything else happens. Take care , have a lovely night. Hubby just brought me a hard hat. Margaret x

wow,you dont do things by halves !!! happy new year ,hope that 2013 is less painful for you.

jaki xx

OW!!! Poor you, that has to be painful

Hope you recover quickly… and just a tip for the coughing, hug a pillow firmly to your stomach when you cough; it will lessen the pain and you must cough to reduce the risk of a chest infection.

And technically that all happened in 2012 so here’s to a SAFE 2013


oooooooohhh poor you! Hope you feel much better soon and have a good 2013,

Pat x

margaret, i hope your ribs heal quickly (they really hurt!!)

and your poor face too.

[i have had cracked ribs and a fractured cheekbone]

now for 2013 please delegate the dusting and always wear that hard hat!

carole x

You poor thing it must be very painful I do hope you feel better very soon. Moral of the story, get someone else to do the dusting. Have a very happy, accident free New Year.



Hi, oo it does sound very painful hun.

best tip for 2013…leave the dust where it is or get someone else to tackle it, eh?

How you feeling now?

luv Pollx


Get better soon!

Karen x